Darlene Morris was a resident of Sioux City, Iowa. She was the mother of Kevin and Ruby Morris. She was an old classmate of the Sioux City Sheriff.


In 1967, as a young girl and member of the Girl Scouts, she camped at nearby Lake Okobogee and reported seeing a UFO along with three other girls and the den-mother. According to the Sheriff, she continued to talk about this experience for many years, gaining her a reputation as someone with a "vivid imagination".


26 years after her UFO sighting, she was present at the abduction of her daughter, Ruby Morris, on the shores of Lake Okobogee in late 1993. When FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully began investigating this disappearance, Darlene was at first enthused that someone was finally paying attention to her. However, when Agent Mulder unwittingly faxed a defense satellite transmission fragment her son had somehow transcribed from television static, her house was ransacked by the NSA looking for evidence. After this point, she became very hostile towards the FBI and when Ruby was eventually returned, Darlene forbid her from talking to a very interested Fox Mulder about the experience. Her experiences since 1967 had, in her opinion, brought her nothing but trouble and ridicule and she didn't want the same for her daughter. (TXF: "Conduit")

Darlene Morris was portrayed by Carrie Snodgress.
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