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Danny was an FBI agent who was frequently contacted by Special Agents assigned to the X-Files, including Fox Mulder, Dana Scully and John Doggett. (TXF: "The Erlenmeyer Flask", et al.)

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Background CheckEdit

It is possible Danny is the same person as Daniel Bernstein or Danny Valladeo. Although one theory is that Danny could have changed his surname from Bernstein to Valladeo due to marriage, Chris Carter has claimed that Valladeo is indeed Danny's last name. However, no information has ever been given in any episode that would help clear up this confusing issue and it is unclear how many of Mulder's informants were named Danny or Daniel.

Explaining the routine of agents contacting Danny in episodes of The X-Files, R.W. Goodwin revealed, "I think Danny was David Duchovny's brother's name, so Danny became this unseen character that we called all the time for stuff." ("The Erlenmeyer Flask" audio commentary, The X-Files Mythology, Volume 1 - Abduction special features)

Frank Spotnitz initially planned to include Danny in "Alone", the first episode to be directed by the writer/executive producer. This use of the Danny character was due to be one of many references, in the episode, to past adventures that Mulder and Scully had had, but it was ultimately excluded from the episode to limit the episode's duration to an acceptable standard. Spotnitz later described the deleted scene by explaining, "I had Scully call Danny in this episode and you've really got to be a die-hard to know what that's about, but Mulder and Scully used to call Danny all the time for research and help in the FBI and we never once met Danny or saw him – but no time." ("Alone" audio commentary, The X-Files (season 8) DVD special features)

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