Dr. Waterston

Daniel Waterston (played by Nicolas Survoy) was a doctor who had had an affair with Dana Scully while she was in medical school. He believed that Scully had joined the FBI to be away from him and he subsequently left his family to pursue her. Without her knowledge, he had lived in Washington, D.C. for ten years. She discovered his presence in Washington by dumb luck when a nurse at Washington National Hospital gave her an incorrect file. Waterston was in the hospital for a heart condition and under the care of Dr. Paul Kopeikan. Scully's reunion with Waterston was extremely emotional for her and part of a sort of spiritual awakening for her. At one point, Waterston's heart stopped but he was successfully revived. He offered Scully another chance at a life with him, but she came to see that she was no longer the same person who had once loved him. She made amends with Waterston's daughter, Maggie, and parted ways with Waterston to continue down her path. (TXF: "all things")

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