Daniel Bernstein's fax

A fax cover that was sent to Daniel Bernstein in 1993

Daniel Bernstein was an agent and crypto-analyst who worked in the FBI's Cryptography Section.

In late 1993, he was called by Special Agent Fox Mulder to decipher a binary string transcribed by Kevin Morris and was promised tickets to a Washington Redskins' game for his trouble. Mulder referred to him during their call as "Danny." (TXF: "Conduit")

The character of Daniel Bernstein never appeared on-screen and his voice, during his conversation with Mulder, cannot be heard by the viewer so his existence is therefore only ever implied. This is also true of the character's presence in the episode's script.
Some of the details of Daniel Bernstein's conversation with Mulder in "Conduit" did change as the episode evolved, however. In the script, Danny hears Mulder claim that he already has the tickets but is offered the chance to "pick a game." After Danny replies, Mulder winces in response and comments, "The Giants? You're killing me here, Danny." In the version of the episode that was televised, Mulder tells Danny, "I know a friend who knows a friend who knows a friend who can get you tickets to a Redskins game." Mulder then thanks Danny and ends the call, but is neither seen nor heard doing either of these actions in the script, due to a scene change.
It is possible that Daniel Bernstein is the same person as Danny Valladeo. In other episodes, a contact is referred to only as "Danny." Chris Carter has claimed that Valladeo is indeed Danny's last name. Another theory is that Danny could have changed his surname from Bernstein to Valladeo due to marriage. However, no information has ever been given in any episode that would help clear up this confusing issue and it is unclear how many of Mulder's informants were named Danny or Daniel.
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