Cryptography is a branch of Mathematics and (since the 1940s) Computer Science which deals with Information Security.

Cryptography Glossary

  • Authentication: is the verification of a message and/or its origin/sender. In Cryptography messages are typically authenticated by keeping the encryption cipher highly secret and sharing it amongst as few people as possible. In this manner correct use of a secret cipher suggests an authentic source.
  • Cipher is a mathematical algorithm used to encrypt a message into a coded message (ciphertext). To maintain good security and allow for effective authentication the Cipher should be known to as few people as possible; ideally just two, a sender and a receiver.
  • Ciphertext is data which has been transformed into a coded message using a cipher in a technique called encryption.
  • Decryption is the transformation of a coded message (ciphertext) into readable data using an encryption cipher. This technique is also known as deciphering a message.
  • Encryption is the transformation of data in a coded message (ciphertext) using an encryption cipher. Although typically thought of as a technique used to keep messages/data secret encryption is also used to transform data into serializable and/or digital data for use in computing or for transmission. These forms of encryption are for convieniance rather than secrecy and often use well-known ciphers.


Crypotoanalysis is the study of Cryptography, persons skilled in this field are known as Cryptoanalysists. Agent Danny Bernstein was a Cryptoanalysist for the FBI's Cryptography Section (TXF: "Conduit").

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