Corona was a city in New Mexico and the site of a particular UFO crash that happened circa 1950.

In 2000, the "Cigarette Smoking Man" likened the crash in Oregon of an alien ship - whose recovery, according to the CSM, was all-important as it could help to rebuild the Project - to a repetition of Corona, fifty years after that incident. (TXF: "Requiem")

In reality, Corona is a village in New Mexico and the closest habitation to a purported UFO crash in 1947 that is now called the 1947 Roswell UFO incident, as the investigation and debris recovery was handled by the local Roswell Army Air Field. This relation between Corona and Roswell is not firmly established in the episode, however. The CSM likens the Oregon crash to both Corona and Roswell, "fifty years later", but no further connection between the places is made.

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