Collum National Forest is a wooded area in Bellefleur, Northwest Oregon.

In 1992, a teenager named Karen Swenson died in Collum National Forest. The morning after the young woman's death, Detective Miles inspected the corpse with a team of coroners, including John Truitt.

Later, FBI Special Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder investigated the death after it was classed as an X-file. The agents visited the forest twice during their investigation. On the first visit, Agent Scully found a patch of strange dirt on the ground and heard a peculiar whirring noise. She and Mulder were forced to leave the area by Detective Miles, who warned that they were intruding on private property.

The agents returned to the forest after Mulder came to the unlikely conclusion that the detective's son, a paralysed boy named Billy Miles, was responsible for the death. Scully noticed Detective Miles' motor car on the edge of the forest shortly before she and Mulder were alerted by the sound of a woman screaming nearby. After the agents entered the forest, Mulder saw Billy Miles pick a girl up in his arms and witnessed a blinding white light. After the light dissipated, the girl was lying on the forest floor with Billy Miles standing above her. (TXF: "Pilot")

Before the time in which the pilot episode is set, three other victims were found dead in Bellefleur, in the same condition as Karen Swenson's body. Although Scully states that these bodies were found "in or near the woods", it is unclear whether she was referring to Collum National Forest or another wooded area.
Scenes that take place in Collum National Forest were filmed in Seymour Demonstration Forest, North Vancouver.
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