Colleen Azar

Colleen Azar (played by Colleen Flynn) was an enthusiast of new age philosophy and alternative medicine, as well as the paranormal. Fox Mulder met her during mutual research into crop circles. While Mulder traveled to England to look into crop circle phenomena, he had Scully visit Colleen to pick up her research for Mulder to read upon his return. When Scully met Colleen, she was uncharacteristically rude and trite, due to her uncomfortable reunion with Daniel Waterston. Scully returned to apologize and spoke with Colleen at great length concerning spiritual matters. Scully learned that Colleen used to be a physicist but was never truly happy until she allowed herself to be herself after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Colleen believed that holding inside stress and anything that wasn't natural led to medical issues. In her case, it was a loving relationship with another woman named Carol. Scully had Colleen assist with alternative medicine with Waterston, who gave it no credence. Nevertheless, Colleen's discussion with Scully helped her to make amends with Margaret Waterston and ultimately learn to believe in the same things as Mulder. (TXF: "all things")

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