Death of Cobra as Dana Scully witnesses

Cobra (played by Timothy Landfield) was a scientist who worked with alien technology at DARPA and was involved in the development of a miracle cure for all human disease, including cancer.

In 2000, the Cigarette Smoking Man falsely used the identity of Dana Scully to contact "Cobra" and arrange a meeting in Milford, Pennsylvania. Cobra was to meet Scully at a restaurant in the area. Scully indeed came to the restaurant, having been led by the CSM through several pieces of misinformation. After dinner with the Smoking Man, Cobra left Scully a note to meet him the following morning in Calico Cove on a river. The two of them rendezvoused in boats where Cobra gave her the disc, however, to Cobra's surprise, Scully insisted they had never spoken. Instantly, it became clear that Cobra had been manipulated. Before he could flee, Cobra was shot dead by the Black-Haired Man. (TXF: "En Ami")

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