Mulder approaches the cloaked ship.

A cloaking device is an advanced stealth system used by a UFO to be invisible and extremely difficult to detect. The spacecraft used by the aliens once allied with the Syndicate used a type of cloaking device that could be detected in certain ways, such as with a flashlight or a Geiger counter. If a flashlight was shown on it, a strange, watery haze could be clearly visible. When a ship crashed in Bellefleur, Oregon, Fox Mulder and Walter Skinner used laser beams to detect its presence, even though it was invisible to the naked eye. The energy field projected by the device also acted as a way to allow certain people to approach the ship. Upon encountering the shield, one would be thrown into violent fits suspended in the air and either rejected or admitted. once inside the energy field, the outside world was still visible, albeit hazily, and audible but faint.

Behind the scenes

The term "cloaking device" is conjectural. Alex Krycek referred to the ship in Oregon being impossible to find because it was "cloaked." (TXF: "Requiem")

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