Children of the Red Museum Control Group
The Church of the Red Museum was a cult-like organization in  Delta Glen, Wisconsin that strongly advocated against the consumption of animal products. The cult had been founded by a California doctor named Richard Odin. This leader claimed to become possessed by enlightened "walk-in" spirits who taught the congregation through him as he typed their words on a computer for a female member (seemingly Odin's wife) to read aloud during meetings. The members wore long white shirts and red turbans wherever they went and were often the object of ridicule and resentment from locals, most of whom worked in a nearby meat packing plant. Agents Mulder and Scully met the church while investigating strange occurrences in the area that were blamed on this sect. In the end, the Church of the Red Museum was not responsible in any way for the trouble that rather had to do with the Syndicate using the town's residents as test subjects for Purity Control. The alien DNA-based substance was injected as "vitamin shots" in the young and administered to the cattle raised and consumed by the town's population. Agent Scully concluded that the congregation was used as a control group; the Syndicate had selected the Wisconsin town for its experiment because of this vegetarian cult's presence, enabling them to compare inoculated meat-eater residents with the Purity Control-free residents.