Christmas tree

A Christmas tree.

Christmas is an annual holiday. Its traditions include the display of Christmas trees and wreaths on doors, as well as presenting gifts to other members of one's family. (TXF: "Beyond the Sea")


When Dana and Melissa Scully were children, their father, William, would usually make his children take the family Christmas tree down on the day after Christmas. (TXF: "Beyond the Sea")

In 1993, while being questioned about her role in the unexplained disappearance of Ruby Morris, a teenager named Tessa claimed that Greg Randall, the father of her own unborn child and Ruby's former boyfriend, had promised her that they would be in Los Angeles by Christmas of that year. (TXF: "Conduit")

In January 1994, Dana Scully, who had since become an adult, still had her most recent Christmas tree standing inside her apartment. She told her father that she was planning on continuing to display it for the rest of the year.

Later the same month, Elizabeth Hawley told her boyfriend, Jim Summers, that on the recent Christmas Day, her family had been opening presents and doing things associated with Christmas while she had been sitting in her "own little world, thinking 'I just wish Jim were here'." (TXF: "Beyond the Sea")

Background InformationEdit

In a commentary on The X-Files Movie DVD, Chris Carter reveals that he and Frank Spotnitz decided upon the story of The X-Files Movie at Christmas, most likely in 1996.

Christmas is referred to in the titles of The X-Files episodes "Christmas Carol" and "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas".


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