Central Intelligence Agency Seal

The official seal of the Central Intelligence Agency

The Central Intelligence Agency is the main intelligence gathering agency in the United States and is primarily responsible for keeping various bodies of government informed about foreign governments and/or groups. Another function of the CIA is to organise and co-ordinate covert activities (also known as Black Ops) to protect the interests of the United States and it's allies.

CIA headquarters is located in Langley, Virginia, a few miles up the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.. Being part of the American Intelligence Network it has partial jurisdiction over operations at The Pentagon.


Powers/Sphere of Influence



Alien Involvement

The American public at large understands that covert activities occur and that they are top secret and often of questionable legality. However they have no idea that the CIA is involved in alien contact.

Information gathered by X-files investigators at the FBI implies that various secret organizations exist within the CIA, each conducting investigations and covert operations totally outside of the law and unknown at even the highest levels of government. One such organization was the Syndicate, which was involved in the creation of alien/human hybrids, the extermination of crashed alien pilots and possessed incredible alien technology.


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