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Catherine Black, née Miller was the daughter of Tom and Justine Miller, the wife of Frank Black and the mother of Jordan Black. (MM: "Pilot", "Paper Dove", et al.) A clinical social worker, her husband's line of work, and particularly his dealings with the Millennium Group, often put a strain on their otherwise happy marriage. (citation required)


A year after moving to Seattle, Catherine was abducted by the mysterious Polaroid Stalker. After Frank located them and savagely stabbed her kidnapper to death, it shook Catherine up to the point where she believed it was best if they separated for a while. (MM: "The Beginning & the End")

In 1998, she tragically died due to infection by the Marburg Virus. (MM: "The Time is Now") Frank blamed himself, believing that, if he had become a full-fledged member of the Millennium Group, they would have protected her. He also felt an enormous burden due to the belief that she had died alone in the woods. However, he found some level of acceptance when, thanks to the cassette tape-induced hallucination of Alice Severin, he remembered that he had found her and cradled her in his arms as she died. (MM: "The Sound of Snow")

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In the original script of Millennium's pilot episode, Catherine Black is described as being "in her young 30s; pretty in a natural, unadorned way". However, actress Megan Gallagher was later cast to portray the role and was aged 36 at the time the pilot was filmed.

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