Casey's Bar & Grill

The exterior of Casey's Bar & Girl in 1998.

Casey’s Bar & Grill was a bar that FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder frequented.

When Mulder visited there once in 1998, he sat at the bar while drinking tequila and talking to the barmaid. He soon noticed another customer, Alvin Kurtzweil, who was also sitting at the bar. The toilet for gentlemen was out of order at this time, a fact that Mulder learned soon after he saw that the other customer was no longer at the bar. Mulder tried opening the ladies' toilet but found that they were occupied so he then headed outside. At the back of the building, he urinated against a wall and was approached by Kurtzweil. The two men reentered the bar, where Mulder took his suit jacket from a coat stand near the front door as Kurtzweil mentioned he had heard that Mulder occasionally visited the place. The two then exited the building, this time via the front door.

By the time Mulder returned to the bar, the gentlemen's toilet was usable. Mulder found Kurtzweil in a side booth but, after he left abruptly, Mulder followed him and then stopped him, outside the toilet doors. When Mulder began to raise his voice, Kurtzweil hurried outside, again pursued by Mulder. The men briefly continued their argument, at the back of the building, but Kurtzweil soon rushed away again. Mulder did not follow, this time, but noticed a Black-Haired Man observing him as the man walked off an overhead fire escape and out of sight. Mulder ran back into the bar but he left soon thereafter.

Upon later revisiting the bar, Mulder found that the booth where he had met Kurtzweil was now empty and, at the back of the building, he initially did not notice the Well-Manicured Man, his driver and car. Mulder left in the car with the Well-Manicured and his driver. (The X-Files Movie)

This bar's name can be determined from a sign above the front door.
In reality, the location used to film scenes set inside the bar was Casey’s Irish Bar and Grill, at 613 South Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles. This location can also be seen in other films, including The Deep End of the Ocean and Good Night, and Good Luck.
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