Colonel calvin henderson

Colonel Henderson.

Calvin Henderson was an officer serving as a colonel in the US Air Force.

Henderson was the officer in charge of the US Space Surveillance Center at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. He was the Air Force's premiere reclamations expert according to Deep Throat, and during the Cold War his job was to prevent technologies from downed US aircrafts from getting into Soviet hands. When an alien spacecraft (a "fallen angel") crashlanded outside of Townsend, Wisconsin, Colonel Henderson was sent to retrieve the wreckage of the flying saucer and capture its pilot, as part of Operation Falcon.

As a cover story for his operation, Henderson told the press that he and his men were part of a biohazard cleanup crew and that there had been a toxic waste spill. During this time, Henderson had to contend with many nuisances including FBI agent Fox Mulder and UFO nut Max Fenig. He also bullied local physician Dr. Oppenheim, who had tended to Deputy Jason Wright following his encounter with the alien (which, as it turned out, was an energy creature), and even threatened the deputy's wife into keeping quiet.

Ultimately, the energy alien escaped from Henderson, injuring several of his men in the process, by possessing the body of Fenig and getting itself retrieved by its fellows in a UFO.


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