Dr. Bromberg takes a lollipop from his locker and walks off happily.

Dr. Bromberg was Jimmy Bond's arthroscopic surgeon at St. Jude's Hospital in Bellingham, Washington, after a nasty ski accident. When Bond regained consciousness, Bromberg explained that he had done the ligament work on Jimmy's broken leg, that Bond had a concussion, but he would recover within a few days.

Bromberg had a sweet tooth and based on this limited piece of information (and some spying that turned up Bromberg was new to the hospital), Jimmy Bond came to believe his doctor was a fugitive doctor who had killed several patients in Denver, Colorado. Bromberg lost a patient (Mr. Keever) due to complications and Bond's paranoia became much more severe.

He refused to allow his new roommate, Mr. Dimsdale, be operated on by Dr. Bromberg given his fear that he was the

Dr. Bromberg unwigged by Jimmy Bond.

'Denver Doctor of Death.' So he accused the doctor of being a murderer in front of staff and patients in the middle of a crowded hallway. Pulling off Bromberg's wig before Yves Adele Harlow arrived to explain that Bromberg was not the murderer.

Dr. Bromberg explained that he had only been at the hospital for a year because he had been doing volunteer work in Africa. His wig wasn't to disguise his identity but to conceal his having Alopecia (condition where all hair on body is lost). And lots of people like candy.

As Jimmy Bond begins to apologize, he falls and seriously harms his leg, forcing Bromberg to perform another surgery on his leg with Dr. Belluci.

(The Lone Gunmen: Diagnosis: Jimmy)

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