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Bob Giebelhouse was a detective for the Seattle Police Department. He was in charge of Homicide and was friends with Lieutenant Bob Bletcher (MM: "Pilot"). He was known for his gallows sense of humor.

Giebelhouse was initially skeptical of Frank's abilities as an investigator, finding his theories to be fanciful or downright confusing (MM: "Pilot", "The Judge", "Wide Open"). However, he gradually began to trust Frank's instincts. (MM: "Sacrament")

The turning point in Frank and Giebelhouse's relationship was the shocking and mysterious murder of their mutual friend Bob Bletcher. Frank was seen as the only one who had insight into who was responsible. (MM: "Lamentation", "Powers, Principalities, Thrones, and Dominions")

Following Bob's murder, Giebelhouse became the de-facto head of the SPD's homicide unit, although he did not receive a promotion to Lieutenant. This seemingly resulted in him not having as much pull as his predecessor. (MM: "Sense and Anti-Sense," "Siren")

Frank and Giebelhouse's relationship eventually grew to where Frank nicknamed him "Giebs." (Millennium, Season 2)

Frank came to be the only outside investigator that Giebelhouse would trust. When he was put in charge of investigating a mass shooting at a Redland, WA high school, Giebelhouse called the FBI and specifically requested Frank Black. To his anger and dismay, they sent Agents Hollis and Baldwin instead. (MM: "TEOTWAWKI")

It was revealed, via flashback, that it was Giebelhouse who found Jordan wandering alone in the woods after Frank and his family fled the Marburg outbreak in Washington State. She led him to find and rescue Frank. (MM: "The Sound of Snow")


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