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Bob Bletcher seconds after taking down a killer.

Lieutenant Robert "Bob" Bletcher was a detective for the Seattle Police Department who often consulted his friend, Frank Black. Bob and Frank worked together in the SPD's homicide unit until Frank left to become a "big star at the FBI." (MM: "Pilot")

Bob and Frank had a very close relationship. Although they hadn't spoken much after Frank left for the FBI, their friendship continued where it left off when the Black family returned to Seattle. Bob would go out of his way to help Frank, even checking in on his wife when he was away. (MM: "Gehenna," "Lamentation") Bob trusted Frank so implicitly that he would often follow his lead, even if it went against his better judgement. (MM: "Pilot", "Wide Open", "The Thin White Line," "Sacrament") Even when not working a case together, Frank would try to find time to give Bob a personal call on the phone. (MM: "Powers, Principalities, Thrones, and Dominions")

Bob and Catherine, Frank's wife, had a cordial and friendly relationship. However, they would sometimes be at loggerheads professionally as their respective jobs as homicide investigator and clinical social worker brought them to different sides of a case. (MM: "Wide Open", "The Well-Worn Lock")

Bob was ultimately killed by Lucy Butler in Frank's home while Butler, in her male form, was terrorizing Catherine while Frank was away on a case. Bob's body was left hanging from the rafters with his throat cut, and was discovered by Giebelhouse while providing backup. (MM: "Lamentation")

His death would continue to haunt the Black family for much time afterwards. It was one of the primary motivators for the family to move out of the house completely. (MM: "Powers, Principalities, Thrones, and Dominions", "Beware of the Dog," "The Time is Now"). There was even a neighborhood legend among the local high schools that "The Ghost of Bob Bletcher" haunted the basement of the now abandoned Black family home that he was murdered in. (MM: "The Curse of Frank Black")

Although Frank couldn't prove Lucy Butler murdered Bob, a suspect by the name of Martin did claim responsibility. Martin was originally arrested under suspicion of randomly slashing the throat of a babysitter at a public park. Martin is taken to court but because of the disappearance of physical evidence and sudden lack of concrete eyewitness accounts, he is set to be released. Just before that is to happen, however, he declares that he is the one who murdered Bob Bletcher. While in jail awaiting charges for Bob's murder, Martin suddenly dies of a brain aneurysm after a botched attempt at slitting his own throat. (MLM: "Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions") Note: It is left unclear if Bob's case is still open or if Martin's confession essentially closed it.


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