Blackwood County

Blackwood County in 1998. The city of Dallas can be seen far in the background. (TXF: Fight the Future)

Blackwood County is an area of North Texas, America.

In 1998, Blackwood County was the site of a rescue situation when a boy named Stevie fell into a previously concealed cave and was infected and paralyzed by a strange, alien substance. Blackwood County Fire Department initially dealt with the situation, although another organization soon became involved and took control. A group of Blackwood County residents gathered near the cave when Stevie was rescued by men in white HAZMAT suits and rushed away in a helicopter. (TXF: Fight the Future)

Blackwood County residents

Unnamed residents


In 1998, four young boys were enjoying digging holes in the ground in Blackwood County, Texas. Suddenly, one of the boys, Stevie, fell into a large pit. One of his friends asked Stevie if he was okay. Another boy thought the pit looked like a cave and, when Stevie found a human skull, the same boy asked Stevie to throw the skull up to them. When subcateneaous worms began to crawl beneath Stevie's skin, his three friends gradually grew extremely concerned and ran to get help. (The X-Files Movie)

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