Billie LaPierre

Billie LaPierre (played by Shareen Mitchell) was the wife of Bud LaPierre and mother of Amber Lynn LaPierre.

One night, LaPierre wrote a bizarre ransom note at her bedside, oddly signed "No one shoots at Santa Claus." Stunned at her daughter's apparent kidnapping and her experience, Bud and her decided to give a cover story to the police and Fox Mulder the next day. The two were arrested as suspects, but released due to lack of evidence.

Back home, LaPierre saw a vision of her daughter, who said something to her. She called Mulder to tell him about it, thinking she possibly said the number 74. Mulder would later find Ed Truelove who had been stalking Amber Lynn before her disappearance. (TXF: "Sein Und Zeit")

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