Bernard Oates (played by Darren Burrows) was a down-and-out janitorial worker who wanted to improve his life by robbing a Cradock Marine bank in Washington, D.C.

The Monday Bank Incident

However, he was so disturbed that he strapped explosives to himself should the robbery not go as planned. His girlfriend, Pam, was trapped in an endlessly-repeating time loop that inevitably resulted in Bernard detonating the bomb, killing himself and dozens of customers - including Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Eventually, Mulder was able to realize that Pam's time entrapment was true and he died every time the day repeated itself. In the final loop, Mulder spoke to Bernard, handed him his gun, and offered him a chance to walk away without killing anyone. Bernard was flustered and grabbed Mulder's gun, again holding up the bank. Scully arrived to witness the holdup, pulling a gun on Bernard and further upsetting him. Pam arrived with her and pleaded with Bernard to stop. However, he was very upset and went to shoot Mulder, but Pam threw herself in front of him, dying instantly. Bernard was horrified at what he had done and surrendered to the police. The time loop was broken. (TXF: "Monday")

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