Doctor Ben Bronschweig Fight the Future edited-1

Dr. Ben Bronschweig in 1998.

Doctor Ben Bronschweig was a scientist involved in an incident regarding an outbreak of Purity which took place in Blackwood County, North Texas, in 1998. He and his team worked on the site, where an underground deposit of the alien virus had infected a young boy named Stevie Richardson and several firemen who had come to his rescue. Since this mutated form of the virus used the infected organism as a host, digesting bone and tissue to feed a long-clawed, gestating alien being, Bronschweig kept one of the victims under observation in a refrigerated case, as the cold temperature slowed the process down. The "Cigarette Smoking Man" asked the doctor to try a weak vaccine, which the Syndicate had, on the man, but when the scientist came to inoculate the patient, he was attacked by the alien that had emerged from its host. Both the alien and the scientist were buried on the spot by the team, to prevent further attacks. (The X-Files: Fight the Future)

Dr. Bronschweig was played by Jeffrey De Munn.