Bellefleur sign

A sign that marks the entrance to Bellefleur.

Bellefleur is an American city in Raymon County, Oregon. A sign on the road leading into the city is marked "Welcome to... Bellefleur; Gateway to Fun & Recreation".

In 1992, newly partnered FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully visited Bellefleur on their first investigation together. (TXF: "Pilot")


Background Check

This city's name is a reference to Bellflower, California, where series creator Chris Carter was born.

The first draft of the pilot episode's script reveals the city was originally to be in Louisiana, but the setting was changed to Oregon before the shooting script was compiled and the pilot episode was filmed. In the shooting script, Bellefleur is described as, "A woodsy resort town with motel, bait shop and restaurant signs fighting to grab your eye. Kids ride their bicycles, carrying fishing poles. A place we'd all like to visit." Furthermore, the original script draft details the sign marking Bellefleur's city limits as stating "The Friendly City", whereas the phrase "Gateway to Fun & Recreation" replaces this in the shooting script.


Additional References

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