Barney Paster

Deputy Barney Paster.

Barney Paster was a deputy in Home, Pennsylvania

Struggle with the Peacock Family

Barney Paster with Duo

Deputy Paster convincing FBI Special Agents Scully and Mulder that, with firearms, they could defeat the Peacock brothers.

Deputy Paster was introduced to FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully by Sheriff Andy Taylor, but Mulder expressed disappointment that Barney's last name wasn't "Fife". He assisted Sheriff Taylor by showing Mulder and Scully a recently killed infant, to allow them to perform an examination.

After Sheriff Taylor was brutally murdered, Paster led the agents in an aggressive charge on the Peacock brothers' house, complete with bulletproof vests. When asked if the vests were necessary, Paster said he had seen the Peacocks fire muskets and he was not about to be "taken out by an antique."

Barney Paster Death

Barney Paster being killed by an axe to the throat.

During the infiltration, it was arranged for Paster to run into the Peacock family house while Mulder and Scully would stay hidden within a field, near the house, to cover Paster, inform him in case the Peacock brothers arrived and to watch him in case he was followed. Paster silently jogged from the field to the front porch, hidden from sight. Paster entered the house just as Scully noticed the door was wired. As she screamed for him to retreat, Paster triggered a booby trap and an axe took off his head, killing him instantly. (TXF: "Home")

Background Check

Barney Paster was played by Sebastian Spence. Mulder was referencing Barney Fife when he met Deputy Paster.

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