Band-Aid Nose Man was a concept created by the Trashman and creation by the Painter to scare people away from the homeless. The concept eventually turned into a tulpa and began killing anybody who was a potential threat to the homeless. The Band-Aid Nose Man ended his rampage by murdering Daryl Landry before disappearing without a trace. (TXF: "Home Again")


The Band-Aid Nose Man seemed to lack any particular personality traits and displayed an emotionless expression at all times. However, his modus operandi can be likened to that of a predator hunting its prey. He would always attack his victims when they were alone and cornered in a dark place. He also moved very slowly when building up to a murder, as if to prolong the terror of his victims in the final moments leading up to their inevitable and inescapable deaths. (TXF: "Home Again")

Powers and abilities

The Band-Aid Nose Man is a Tulpa, also called a "thought-form". Tulpas are a sentient physical manifestation of a person's thoughts. During his appearance, the Band-Aid Nose Man displayed an array of supernatural abilities:

  • Superhuman Strength: The Band-Aid Nose Man possessed a terrifying level of superhuman strength. He could easily smash through a locked door and rip it clean off its hinges. He killed his victims by lifting them off the ground and then tearing them in half effortlessly.
  • Invulnerability: The Band-Aid Nose Man appeared to be completely immune to physical damage. When Nuncy Huff punched him in the face to try to escape him, he showed no signs of discomfort whatsoever.
  • Teleportation: He could seemingly appear out of nowhere in order to ambush his unsuspecting victims. When murdering Nuncy Huff, he repeatedly teleported throughout her house as if to taunt her before finally killing her. After murdering his final victim, the Band-Aid Nose Man vanished without a single trace.
  • Darkness inducement: Whenever the Band-Aid Nose Man was present, any lighting or electricity in the surrounding area would suddenly short out seemingly caused by his presence alone.

Background Information

Band-Aid Nose Man is the second tulpa to appear on the show with the Ubermenscher being the first.

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