Bambi Berenbaum was an entomologist who worked for the Department of Agriculture in Miller's Grove, Massachusetts. She was fascinated by insects, viewing them as more honest than humans and far more accomplished. FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder took a fancy to her, but his FBI partner, Dana Scully, was less impressed and was particularly appalled by the name "Bambi," which Mulder explained had come from Berenbaum's parents, both of whom had been naturalists.

Perhaps most interesting for Mulder was Dr. Berenbaum's theory about UFOs:  That they were insect swarms.  The traits of nocturnal insects swarming through an electrical air field are similar to UFOs.  Colored glowing light hovering in the sky, moving in a nonmechanical way, making interference with radio and television signals, and perhaps making a humming sound.  (Makes more sense than swamp gas,) (TXF: "War of the Coprophages")

Bambi Berenbaum was played by Bobbie Phillips. The character was named for famous entomologist Dr. May Berenbaum, from the University of Illinois.
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