Babcock was a scientist and collaborator of the Syndicate.

Babcock was a colleague of Arlinsky. Together, they traveled to the Yukon territory see the apparent body of an extraterrestrial biological entity. Secretly, however, Babcock was part of the plan to allow Arlinsky and Fox Mulder to see the body in order to believe it. They met the team's guide Rolston and the rest of the Canadian team. Babcock brought a gun with him, and, when another man saw it, he claimed it was just defense since he did not know the men well.

Arlinsky left to get Mulder, and so Babcock stayed to supervise. He was shown an odd bubble on the side of the location of the body, and declared they had to finish removing the body. That night, the team was assaulted and killed by someone Babcock was in league with. Together, they hid the body in another location to make it look like Babcock himself had survived the attack and hid the body. Then, Babcock suffered an intentional gunshot wound to keep up the story. Later, Arlinsky and Mulder arrived and Babcock was convincing. He traveled back with them and the body to a Washington, D.C. warehouse and filmed Arlinsky's examination of the body.

After Mulder left the warehouse, the man from before came and killed Arlinsky. To Babcock's surprise, he was also killed as he still knew of the plane. (TXF: "Gethsemane")

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