Atheism is the absence of a belief in god(s). 

The Cigarette Smoking Man admits to being an atheist in the episode Requiem during a discussion with Marita Covarrubias. Expressing his desire to know the aliens' plans, he tells Marita it would help understand everything about the universe, to which she asks if he means God. The man replies: "There is no God, Marita. Everything we call God is only alien."

Doctor Blockhead once claimed that if more people knew of the true price of spirituality, such as his art of body manipulation, there would be more atheists in the world. (TXF: "Humbug")

Jose Chung believed there were times when he was both a devout religious follower and an atheist, usually within the same sexual act. (MM: "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense")

Behind the scenes

  • William B. Davis, the actor who played the Cigarette Smoking Man, is an atheist himself, and considers prominent atheist Richard Dawkins his hero - although Dawkins has condemned the X-Files for promoting paranormal thinking and denying critical thought.
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