Asst. Coroner

The Assistant Coroner in 1992.

The Assistant Coroner was a man who, in March 1992, worked closely with Coroner John Truitt in Oregon.

Following the discovery of Karen Swenson's deceased body in an area of Collum National Forest, the Assistant Coroner took photographs of the corpse, as Truitt and Detective Miles approached the body. Moments later, he helped turn the victim's body over, complying with a request from Detective Miles that they do so. In response to the detective identifying the as-yet unidentified victim as Karen Swenson, the Assistant Coroner asked Miles if that was a "positive ID", to which Miles implied that it was by revealing that she had gone to school with his son, but the detective then quickly left, ignoring two questions from Truitt.

On March 7, 1992, the Assistant Coroner stood with Truitt in a roadside graveyard as they observed a team of workers prepare to exhume Ray Soames' buried body. When FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully arrived on the nearby road, the Assistant Coroner was alerted to their presence when Truitt tapped him on his arm. The Assistant Coroner then accompanied Truitt to greet the agents as they left their car, shaking Scully's hand as a gesture of welcome and mouthing, "Hi," to her.

He and Truitt began to return to the graveyard with Mulder and Scully but, moments later, Doctor Jay Nemman arrived and protested against the exhumation before having a strained conversation with Mulder, in which he revealed that he and his family had been on holiday until recently, but he finally left at his daughter's insistence. The Assistant Coroner then continued to accompany Truitt and the agents to the graveyard, as Mulder joked to the Assistant Coroner that Dr. Nemman had "obviously needed a longer vacation."

As Soames' coffin was later unearthed by a crane, the Assistant Coroner stood with Truitt at one side of the coffin, while Mulder and Scully stood at the opposite side, and - when the coffin fell from a harness attached to the crane before rolling down a hill, slightly breaking open - the Assistant Coroner watched, agape. Unlike Coroner Truitt, he did not try to prevent Mulder from further opening the coffin, however. (TXF: "Pilot")

The Assistant Coroner is referred to as "Asst. Coroner" in the episode's closing credits but, in the episode's script, there are at least two "Assistant Coroners" who work closely with Coroner John Truitt, in the same capacity as this character. In the final version of the episode, the Assistant Coroner was played by Ric Reid.
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