Arlene on phone

Arlene in her office, during a telephone call, in 1998.

Arlene was a government worker for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She worked as the personal assistant to Assistant Director Walter Skinner from 1998 to 2002.

In 1998, Arlene was present when FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully reported to Skinner on their investigation in Chaney, Texas. She informed them that Skinner would be in a meeting for several hours. (TXF: "Bad Blood")

Later that year, Arlene attempted to prevent Agent Scully from entering Skinner's office while Scully was attempting to receive help for her partner, Agent Mulder, who had become lost at sea in the Bermuda Triangle. Scully was able to surpass Arlene and barge into Skinner's office. (TXF: "Triangle")

Arlene On Desk

Arlene working for Walter Skinner.

In 1999, AD Skinner was admitted to a hospital after being infected with nanobots by Alex Krycek. When trying to recall events that had occurred previously, he remembered saying, "Good morning," to Arlene. She later found Mulder going through Skinner's things. (TXF: "S.R. 819")

Shortly after, Arlene interrupted a meeting conducted by AD Skinner and Agent Arnold upon discovering that Agent Mulder was involved in a hostage situation at the Cradock Marine Bank. (TXF: "Monday")

In late 1999, Skinner gave Arlene orders not to allow Agent Scully to enter his office. Arlene once again attempted to persuade Scully not to enter Skinner's office, but failed. Scully ended up saving Skinner from Alex Krycek, and Arlene promptly called an ambulance. (TXF: "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati")

In 2001, when Agents Scully and John Doggett were called into Skinner's office, Arlene suspected it had something to do with Scully's travel plans. (TXF: "This is Not Happening")

Soon afterwards, Arlene helped Skinner up, after he collapsed due to Alex Krycek's nanobots. (TXF: "DeadAlive")

Arlene, Oliver Martin and Walter Skinner

Arlene in 2002, handing Oliver Martin a glass of water while AD Skinner watches.

In 2002, Arlene was present when Oliver Martin psychokinetically levitated AD Skinner. She poured him a glass of water, and soon afterward, Martin had a seizure and collapsed on the floor of the office. She reported this activity immediately to AD Skinner. (TXF: "Sunshine Days")

Arlene was played by Arlene Pileggi, who was Gillian Anderson's stand-in and Mitch Pileggi's wife. She was not referred to by name until her very last episode, "Sunshine Days".


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