Anthony Tipet as viewed in a dream.

Anthony Tipet was the leader of a religious cult that followed the via negativa, which was the "path of darkness" leading to God. Tipet claimed to have discovered God through the via negativa, after serving time in prison for murder. Upon his release, he set up the cult in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With a hallucinogen created by Dr. Andre Bormanis, Tipet proclaimed his ability to reach a higher plane of consciousness where he could separate the spirit from his body. Using this ability, he was able to enter people's dreams.

For some reason, Anthony Tipet murdered twenty cult members, a homeless man, and two FBI agents assigned to keep an eye on him, believing he was involved in drug trafficking. All of his victims were found dead by an axe wound to the forehead. John Doggett and Walter Skinner were given the case without the involvement of Dana Scully. Doggett and Skinner found their way to Bormanis' drug lab in Washington, D.C. and took him into custody. However, Tipet attacked Bormanis in the dream realm and Bormanis was devoured by hundreds of rats.

With assistance from the Lone Gunmen, Doggett learned of a supposed third eye that represented knowledge and power in East Asian religions that Tipet was familiar with. Whenever Tipet appeared in someone's dream, he had a third eye in the middle of his forehead. This also corresponded to the placement of the wounds in most of his victims. Doggett and Skinner began tracking down Tipet and were able to find him in Bormanis' lab, seeking more drugs. However, Tipet attempted to commit suicide by striking his forehead against a table saw. Doggett saved him from dying, but Tipet went into a coma. Tipet was then able to enter Doggett's dreams and tried to have him kill Scully. Before Doggett could do so in the dream world, Tipet died in a hospital and Doggett woke up. (TXF: "Via Negativa")


Anthony Tipet was played by Keith Szarabajka.