Anna Fugazzi (played by Sheila Paterson) was a woman, born 1926, who was used for experiments in creating hybrids.

In the 1990s, Fugazzi was admitted to what she thought was a nursing home in San Diego. She was treated by a doctor Ernest Calderon with hormone IV therapy or as she called it, "beauty sleep." Unbeknownst to her, the hormone therapy was used to help her be a surrogate to children during her "sleep." She was implanted with and gave birth to Emily Christine Sim.

With assistance from Frohike, Mulder was able to locate the nursing home and was surprised to find her, as he knew fugazzi (reported on Sim's birth records) as a slang term for "fake." Fugazzi told Mulder about her treatment as she knew it and confirmed Calderon's name. She was relocated quickly by the men running the home after Calderon disappeared. (TXF: "Emily")

Background Information

Fugazzi, when Mulder asked if that was her real name, said it was for "71 years," implying that was her age at the time (1997). (TXF: "Emily")

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