Anita Budahas.

Anita Budahas was the wife of US Air Force pilot Lt. Colonel Robert Budahas. Her husband began to act strangely prior to a full mental breakdown, after which he disappeared for a while.

When FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully came to investigate incidents with pilots in Idaho after Mulder had a strange first contact with "Deep Throat," Anita Budahas was extremely helpful, believing her husband had been replaced by some sort of doppelgänger, given his personality changes and memory gaps.

When the agents revisited her later, she politely asked them to leave her alone, claiming her husband was fine and that nothing was wrong. Mulder believed she had been threatened to keep quiet, after their earlier meetings. (TXF: "Deep Throat")

Anita Budahas was played by Gabrielle Rose.