America's Most Wanted airing on the Fox Network in 2001. (TLG: "Diagnosis: Jimmy")

America's Most Wanted was a reality television series that aired on the Fox network. It helped catch dangerous runaway criminals by presenting information about them to the public in the hopes they could offer information that could lead to their capture. The show was hosted by John Walsh and often aired opposite Fox's Your World With Neil Cavuto. (TLG: "Diagnosis: Jimmy")


Due to the popularity of the show, its title was often used to refer to any dangerous criminal as being one of "America's Most Wanted". (TXF: "Eve")

In 1994, the FBI enlisted the show's help in order to help catch a suspect. (TXF: "Lazarus")

In 2001, after watching an episode, Jimmy Bond helped catch Doctor Richard Millikan, who had been murdering his patients. (TLG: "Diagnosis: Jimmy")

Behind the scenes

  • America's Most Wanted was a real television show, and appeared on the Fox network, usually prior to local Fox News affiliates' newscasts. It is possible that area in Bellingham, Washington in the Lone Gunmen episode had two Fox channels however, the local affiliate and the cable version.
  • America's Most Wanted, The X-Files, and The Lone Gunmen share the same network, Fox.


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