The Alien Artifact is a technological wonder built by Colonists.

Description and Abilities

This Colonist Artifact is a bit bigger than a football, somewhat crown shaped. The Alien Artifact is capable of rendering the dead, into near mindless zombies, thanks to the amount of Cosmic Galactic Radiation (CGR), it emits. These zombies follow the commands of whoever controls or who has bonded with the Artifact, such as The Entity. It can also revive Puritys, but it's unknown if they too are mindless like the zombies. The Alien Artifact energy blast not only revives the dead, it also effects the living, causing them to slowly go mad and become zombies too. The Alien Artifact seems capable of molding some Humans into strange beings, called "Avatars" by Kersh, giving them Alien features and awsome powers, such as being able to revive the dead into zombies. One Human gained the ability to control both these "Avatars" and zombies, how he and these "Avatars" formed is currently unknown.


In 1908, a Colonist UFO heading to Earth, possibly to begin colonization, crashed into Tunguska, Russia. The Crashed UFO caused massive destruction and killed two married Russians, leaving their baby alone, and with a fate unknown as Black Oil Virus' moved toward him. This UFO was carrying a sealed Alien Artifact with it, which brought strange effects to the locals. Some locals of a Monastery near Tunguska mutated into "Avatars," with one who'd became the leader, known only as The Entity. He protected his item dearly, but could not access it for sometime do to a Capsule that covered the item. At some point in the future, Roush Biotech obtained the sealed Alien Artifact, though it's never cleared how, though it's known they were digging around in Tunguska at some point. Research of the Artifact was moved to Briar Lake Institute, located in Briar Lake, just outside of Red Falls, run by Dr. Aaron Greenberg and enforced by John Gillnitz.


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