Alex Goldsmith, "Double Bogey," was a legendary hacker who was also a huge fan of Golf. After the 1997 Masters Tournament, he infamously hacked into the Times Square jumbotron screen and made it flash 'Tiger is God!' for 26 minutes.

Recruited by spies of the Belamisk regime for his computer skills, he was imprisoned in their compound, forced

Hacker Alex Goldsmith seconds before his death.

to do the job under their supervision. It is unclear how much he knew about the men he was working for but perhaps he had learned enough to find his assistance with an arms deal repugnant and to suspect they planned on killing him in any case when his job was complete.

So, in the end, he betrayed them and undid all his work. Weeping at the knowledge that he would soon be dead and there was no escape, he went outside onto the compound's balconey, and hit golf balls at the Belamisk Embassy's motorpool. Before their leader, Valet, shot him to death, Goldsmith delivered his parting shot and took out the windshield of one of the cars.

(The Lone Gunmen: "Bond, Jimmy Bond")

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