Alberta Pfeiffer (with John Byers in background) during her visit to The Lone Gunmen

Alberta Pfeiffer was the mother of hitman Douglas Pfeiffer. She brought the Douglas Pfeiffer case and his impending execution to the attention of the Lone Gunmen while accompanied by Douglas' attorney, Jeremy Wash. As a longtime reader, she believed in their work, and thought they could prove her son was innocent. He wasn't but his mother believed he was a different person. Her heartfelt plea for help is what inspired John Fitzgerald Byers and Jimmy Bond to infiltrate the Death Row prison to speak with Douglas Pfeiffer.

Byers tried to get Douglas Pfeiffer to confess to a murder he framed someone for using the man's mother but this tact failed. Ultimately, the attempt on Pfeiffer's life by another

Alberta Pfeiffer after her son's execution.

inmate converted him fully and led him to confess to that second murder.

Alberta Pfeiffer slapped Byers when she encountered him after her son's execution. Crying she walked off into the rain. She had asked them to save her son but they had found the truth about her son. Perhaps his confession that saved Spike/Atherton was his way of being more like the man his mother thought he was.

(The Lone Gunmen: Maximum Byers)

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