Alberta is a province situated in the western part of Canada, bordered by British Columbia to the West, Saskatchewan to the East, the Northwest Territories to the North and the American state of Montana to the South. Alberta's main cities are Calgary and Edmonton and its economy mainly revolves around agriculture and the exploitation of oilsands.The Albertan landscape mainly constitutes of plains and the Rocky Mountains to the West, which delimitate the  province's border with British Columbia.

One of the Syndicate's plantations, where experiments with infected bees were conducted, was situated in the province of Alberta. It was there that, guided by Jeremiah Smith, Agent Fox Mulder first met young hybrid clones from the Samantha and the Crawford series (TXF: "Herrenvolk").

An alien ship was also found by a UFO cult in Alberta years later and baby William kidnapped in connection to it. The child's contact with the craft set it in motion; the ship flew away, but the baby was found crying on the site by his mother shortly after (TXF: "Provenance," "Providence").