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Fox Mulder with an agrarian drone from the Samantha Series.

An Agrarian Drone is a type of hybrid clone. Agrarian workers formed part of the Samantha Series and the Kurt Crawford series.

Hybrids of this type are typically pre-adolescent and have no language. They are relatively simple and subdued but have an excellent ability to look after themselves, living in small colonies completely unsupervised by adults.

Agent Fox Mulder was made aware of this agrarian workforce by renegade hybrid Jeremiah Smith who took him to a farmland in Alberta, Canada, where the young drones cultivated a genetically-modified flowering shrub for pollen. Bee husbandry was also part of the project, the bees infecting people with a new form of smallpox when they stung, the smallpox virus being used as a trial to eventually experiment with the black oil virus. Black oil-carrying bees and cornfields were later discovered by agents Mulder and Scully in Texas. No agrarian worker was seen on site, but their involvement and presence was implied. Only hybrids could work safely around the bees, being immune to the viruses used in the Syndicate's agricultural experiments.


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