Agent is a title often given to officials working within an agency.

Many agencies within the United States federal government use this title, including the FBI (TXF: "Pilot", et al.), the US Customs agency (TXF: "Badlaa"), the ATF (TXF: "The Field Where I Died"), and the CIA (TXF: "Colony").

Agencies within the private sector also use this title, such as Chase Real Estate in Worcester, Massachusetts. (TXF: "Surekill")

Within the FBI, agents are often assigned to carry out the duties given to them by an Assistant Director, the Deputy Director or even the Director. (TXF: "Tooms", "Within", "Travelers") FBI agents are usually responsible for investigating cases, such as those cataloged in the X-Files. (TXF: "Pilot", et al.) An FBI agent may also be assigned to general assignment duties. (TXF: "Ghost in the Machine", et al.) The title of FBI agent is divided into three ranks: Special Agent, Supervisory Special Agent, and ASAC or Special Agent in Charge (with the latter two ranks being interchangeable).

Ranks and Titles Within the FBI
Agent           Chief           Director
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