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ASAC (Assistant Special Agent in Charge) is a position within the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (TXF: "Squeeze", et al.) The position may be held by an Assistant Director on a particular case. (TXF: "Provenance") In the FBI hierarchy, ASACs are higher than agents, whom they are responsible for. (TXF: "Squeeze", et al.)

In 1989, Reggie Purdue was Agent Fox Mulder's ASAC. (TXF: "Young at Heart", "Unusual Suspects")

In 1993, Agent Tom Colton's Regional ASAC, a male, dismissed two agents Mulder had assigned to stakeout a building in Baltimore, Maryland, as Agent Colton and his Regional ASAC considered the stakeout to be an irresponsible waste in man hours. (TXF: "Squeeze")

Later in 1993, Agent Mulder's ASAC at that time received a 302 form with a tabloid article taken from the "National Comet" publication. Mulder's ASAC, who had been sent the paperwork from Mulder himself, passed the article and 302 form to the district G-14 before the paperwork was ultimately relayed to Division Chief Scott Blevins. (TXF: "Conduit")

In 2002, Assistant Director Brad Follmer served as the ASAC during a search in Burke County, North Dakota for Special Agent Robert Comer, who had made an illegal border crossing between Canada and the US on the previous night. (TXF: "Provenance")

In 2008, Dakota Whitney, having introduced herself to Mulder (who was now a former agent) and Doctor Dana Scully (Mulder's former FBI partner) as a Special Agent in Charge, was referred to as "ASAC Whitney" by Special Agent Drummy. (The X-Files: I Want to Believe)

In real FBI terminology, "ASAC" is an abbreviation of "Assistant Special Agent in Charge". The lengthened form of the rank, however, is neither referred to in the movie nor in any other production of The X-Files, Millennium or The Lone Gunmen. The references to Dakota Whitney holding both the ranks of Special Agent in Charge and ASAC imply that the terms are interchangeable.


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