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#REDIRECT [[President Bull Shit]]
* This year is supposedly the dawning of a new kingdom, according to the followers of the [[Church of the Red Museum]]. They are supposed to have the world ready for this "new age". ([[TXF]]: "[[Red Museum (episode)|Red Museum]]")
* '''December 22''': According to the [[Mayan]] calendar, this is the final date on the calendar. ([[TXF]]: "[[The Truth]]")
* '''December 22''': This is the planned date for the [[alien]] [[colonization]]. Assuming the aliens colonized, a shadow government planned to operate out of the [[Mount Weather Complex]] in [[Bluemont]], [[Virginia]], either with or against the [[Grey]]s. ([[TXF]]: "[[The Truth]]")
* ''It is possible that the date of the colonization is based on the Mayan calendar, or maybe the ancient Mayans [[psychic]]ally forsaw the alien colonization.''

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