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1999 is a year in the 20th century.


  • March 28: Doctor Robert Wieder treats a "Jane Doe." (TXF: "Theef")
  • April 4: Jimmy Bond attends a show at Cerveza Sammy's featuring Mr. Memory. He asks him questions on Joe Nameth, The Man From Atlantis, and a Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones question. (TLG: "The Lying Game")
  • Fall: Melvin Graydo checks into the Holy Cross Hospital in Denver, Colorado for arthroscopic knee surgery. He is killed soon after by Dr. Richard Millikan. (TLG: "Diagnosis: Jimmy")
  • October 7: A bus rollover sends several people to the USF Medical Center. Lynette Peattie is treated by Dr. Robert Wieder for wounds she received in the crash. She is in agony and the only treatment Dr. Wieder can provide is morphine to ease the pain. She dies soon after. (TXF: "Theef")
  • The Triple Zero Killer, Mad Wayne, kills three victims in this year. (TXF: "Improbable")


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