1979 is a year in the 20th century.


  • Dr. Joe Ridley is stripped of his medical license by the AMA for conducting flagrant research malpractice and misuse of a government grant after conducting experiments on children with progeria. (TXF: "Young at Heart")
  • Chuck Burks travels through India. He witnesses a guru named Sai Baba create an entire feast out of thin air using the holy ash known as "vibuti." (TXF: "The Căluşari")
  • John Lee Roche murders a child along the eastern seaboard, the first of ten before he was finally apprehended in 1990. This was the earliest known Roche case in 1996. (TXF: "Paper Hearts")
  • Famed computer pioneer Donald Gelman goes for a hike in the Sierra mountains and disappears for nineteen years. He actually goes into hiding as he searches for a way to create artificial intelligence. (TXF: "Kill Switch")
  • Samantha Mulder runs away from the Syndicate hybrid testing. She is picked up by Patrolman J. Poole and Detective J. Floyd who take her to the Dominic Savio Memorial Hospital where she is checked in by Nurse Arbutus Ray. When the Syndicate comes to bring her back for testing, she has vanished, apparently transported away by walk-ins. (TXF: "Closure")


  • According to the astrologist Zirinka, someone born on January 21 of this year would have all the energy of the cosmos focused on them on their birthday in 1996. (TXF: "Syzygy")
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