1952 is a year in the 20th century.


  • March 7: Future Green Beret Sergeant Nathaniel Teager is born. (TXF: "Unrequited")
  • June 24–25: FBI Agents Arthur Dales and Hayes Michel arrest Edward Skur for contempt of Congress and supposed communist activities. Skur later supposedly hangs himself in his cell, causing much grief with Dales. Prior to attempting to inform Mrs. Skur of her loss, Dales spots the living Edward Skur and chases after him. The next day, Skur sends several local police to search for Skur. Later, he is pressured by Michel, Roy Cohn, and the FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to change the report and say he didn't spot Skur. He finally gives in to their demands. (TXF: "Travelers")
  • July 15: Identical twins Arthur and Roland Grable are born to Louis Grable in Seattle, Washington. (TXF: "Roland")
  • Fall: Agents Dales and Michel discover the body of Dr. Oberman in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Soon afterwards, Agent Dales is informed by State Department official Bill Mulder, who informs him that the doctor killed himself. Like Skur, Oberman was symbiotically infused with an alien creature. Both Oberman and another operative Gissing killed themselves rather than release the aliens to the populace. Also that night, Agent Michel is killed by Skur. Eventually, Dales catches Skur and handcuffs him. He leaves Skur for Bill Mulder and his men to apprehend him. Bill Mulder later frees Edward Skur, and Skur goes into hiding. (TXF: "Travelers")
  • An X-file is filed on the Mothmen phenomena. (TXF: "Detour")


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