1944 is a year in the 20th century.


  • Walter Chaco is the only survivor of a transport plane shot down over New Guinea. He lives with the Jale, a tribe of cannibals. He learns their ways and the rejuvenating effects of cannibalism, and six months later is rescued by the US Navy. (TXF: "Our Town")
  • DNA is publicly identified for the first time to the scientific community. (TXF: "Paper Clip")
  • The beaches of Normandy are stormed on D-Day. Shortly afterward, the baker Madame Helena Davos murders Michael Wilhelm, the Prefect of Verzenay and leader in the French Resistance. Her accomplice Nazi soldier D. Amann is arrested soon after, and she goes into hiding. (TLG: "Eine Kleine Frohike")


  • None


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