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"...Thirteen Years Later" is the fifth episode of the third season of Millennium.


A psychotic madman maniac tells how, before and on Halloween, Frank Black investigated a series of confounding murders on the ominous set of a movie based on one of his former cases.


Federal Bureau of Investigation agents Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) and Emma Hollis (Klea Scott) travel to Travelers Rest, South Carolina to investigate the deaths of film director Lew Carroll (Paul Stanley) and Marta Danbury, the leading actress in his newest film. As the local sheriff guides Black and Hollis through the murder scene, Black realizes that the film is based on a real murder case he investigated thirteen years previously; he is shocked to learn that the true story is being sensationalized for the screen.

The pair interview the cast and crew as suspects, discovering that many would benefit from either of the deaths—producer Kenny Neiderman had been having an affair with Danbury; Rowdy Beeman replaced Carroll as director; Ruby Dahl and Ramona Tangent, whose roles in the film will expand without Danbury; and Mark Bianco, a method actor relishing the opportunity to meet Black, whose role he plays. Also questioned is Hugo Winston, the man whose partner was murdered in the earlier case and who is campaigning against what he sees as a disrespectful production.

The production continues, and after the filming of a pool scene the crew gather in catering; Beeman discovers a severed finger in his sandwich, recognizing from its ring that it belonged to Niederman. When the sheriff shuts down production, Black theorizes that the killer may target the crew's hotel; he and Hollis arrive to find the body of the film's publicist hanging from a rope. The next day, a film extra (Gene Simmons) confesses to the killings; Black pokes holes in his story and discovers he is not a credible perpetrator. Regardless, production is resumed—and shortly afterwards, several crew members are found with their throats cut, while Winston's body hangs nearby in an apparent murder-suicide.

Black doubts that Winston is the killer, and while Hollis stays in the hotel, he visits the production's climactic shoot, set during a performance by the band Kiss. As he looks around him, the sheriff's body is thrown down from the rafters; as the pandemonium settles, Black realizes that horror films end with the leading lady being targeted—the killer is after Hollis. Racing back to her hotel, Black discover Hollis fending off a chainsaw-wielding Bianco. Black is able to subdue Bianco after Hollis disables the chainsaw; the actor then explains that he lacked Black's insight and had to commit the crimes in order to see through the eyes of a killer.

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  • This episode is similar to The X-Files episode "Hollywood A.D.", in which a movie is made about the main character of the series. And, like in the X-Files episode, the movie is loosely based on the truth.

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When appearing as themselves, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, and Ace Frehley appear in their make-up-and-costume personas of the rock band KISS.



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